Denver Celebrates Kid’s Day Out

Children are the most innocent beings in this world. They are also considered the most honest stage in human life. A joy in a kid’s eyes are considered real joy, they can never hide nor ignore their feelings.

When they are happy they will really tell you that they are happy.  The transparency in the heart and emotion of a kid should be copied by us adults.

Denver, Colorado paid great tributes for the all the children in their local area.  To give honor to these little creatures, Denver is all set to give out the best for the kids these weekend.

June is the best welcomed by a full-packed adventure and events meant for the kids’ enjoyment. They filled up the entire month of June to make the kids alive and filled with energy.  Having a start-up are a series of concerts, festivals, free museum days, movies, arts and a lot of jaw-dropping activities which the child and the child at heart will both enjoy.

To grace the event, Luzia by Cirque du Soleil will be the start-up of all the series of great fun and adventure for kids.  Let Cirque du Soleil take you back in nostalgic Mexico.  Luzia, a new performance by Cirque du Soleil is a mixture of acrobatic presentation which showcases the rich culture of Mexico and some of the creative collisions it has with other nations.

The children will surely enjoy the different acrobatic acts and stunts by Cirque du Soleil plus the creative mixing of lights and sounds to compliment the acts.

Tatoo Masquerade

After feasting their eyes on the amazing stunts of Cirque du Soleil, they will enjoy the interactive art design by Tatoo Masquerade.

This will feature a 150 professional tattoo artist where the children can take place in the face painting, live animals, and some aerial performances.  While the adults can have a real tattoo from a roster of professional tattoo artists.

Outdoor Movie at the Park

This is something that the kids will surely love, an outdoor movie. How about watching Jungle Book with a bunch of other little cuties and kiddos?  They love being in the company of other children. Watching a fun movie like Jungle Book would surely catch their attention.

Zoo Day

What more can give real fun for kids than interacting with the animals?  This great zoo encounter will widen their horizon about the animal kingdom.  In here, they will learn to respect and love the animals.

Denver Chalk Art Festival

It will feature around 200 professional artists, student artist and amateur one, taking their chalk arts to the ground.  You will be amazed by the great talent of this artist who will share their talent of chalk arts to the ground.

Denver really takes it out of the children.  The events are truly enjoyable for the kids but this isn’t for the kids alone, the kids at heart will also be amazed to recall their childhood with these kinds of adventures.

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